Remembering personal protective equipment (PPE) has never been easier. As each operator logs in to begin a shift they are asked for the condition in parts per million (PPM) of the mechanical room (usually displayed on a screen in the vestibule). Once entered, they are presented with the PPE that is required based on the PPM value.

Imagine, never again having to remind yourself or others about PPE. Our easy to use, one time PPE Management tool allows you to set it and forget it, with an added peace of mind.

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Displays required PPE based on the PPM entered by an operator.

Allows you to abort the inspection if additional PPE is required.

Begin your inspection once you have your PPE.

Record whether or not you have the required PPE.

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Review all PPE entries made by your operators.

Shows the equipment that was required and whether or not the operator used it.

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Add customized PPE.

Set the gas alarm status. Determine at what state (Low, Mid, High) this PPE will be required.

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Simplify Your Work Flow, Improve Safety & Ensure Compliance

Safety Authority Approved

We realized from the beginning that a digital logbook is only as good as the regulatory approval that stands behind it. That’s why we ensured that our logbook was designed and constructed not only for efficiency but compliance. Safety Authorities have  approved our Electronic Logbook based on CSA Code B51 and B52. Visit our compliance section for more details.

Backups Done Right With AWS

Nothing keeps a logbook safer than Elements. Your data is important and backup is vital, that’s why we have automated this process. Every day your data is backed up and secured by Amazon Web Services (AWS).