Eliminate The Double Entry 2 IN 1 OPERATOR ACTIVITY LOGBOOK

Your activity logbook has been integrated to eliminate double entry of content.  At the press of a button it is automatically updated, recording your shift and when an inspection has been competed. You can add comments and review past entries with our built-in search / filter functions.

No more flipping through pages to locate important information.

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Time stamped

Search & filter functions.

Completed inspections are added automatically once a operator digitally signs the logbook.

Elements Software Inc - Digital Operator Logbook - Hotspot - IMG_0681

Your time card is integrated into your workflow. You will automatically be asked when you sign in and out.

Get Unlimited Digital Logbooks Today! DESIGNED BY OPERATORS FOR OPERATORS

Simplify Your Work Flow, Improve Safety & Ensure Compliance

Safety Authority Approved

We realized from the beginning that a digital logbook is only as good as the regulatory approval that stands behind it. That’s why we ensured that our logbook was designed and constructed not only for efficiency but compliance. Safety Authorities have  approved our Electronic Logbook based on CSA Code B51 and B52. Visit our compliance section for more details.

Backups Done Right With AWS

Nothing keeps a logbook safer than Elements. Your data is important and backup is vital, that’s why we have automated this process. Every day your data is backed up and secured by Amazon Web Services (AWS).