Upon log-in a window appears with a randomly generated multiple choice safety question. We call this E-guided Education and it seamlessly integrates continual learning into the workflow, increasing muscle memory and promoting a safer working environment.

All responses are recorded and can be reviewed. With the facility dashboard you are able see the progression of your team down to the individual level. Knowing where your team is struggling will allow to you further your safety and training program and focus it specifically on the problem areas. All users have access to a personalized report card that allows them to view their progress.

Categories and questions types are fully customizable. Now, not only do you have an internal procedure manual but your team has been studying it effortlessly.

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Elements Software Inc - Digital Operator Logbook - Hotspot - Education Question

Create an unlimited number of custom questions.

Add the reference source to strengthen the credibility of your question.

Showing the correct answer regardless of selection increases awareness rapidly. 

Multiple choice fits seamlessly into ones workflow.

Add a URL to a website, video etc. Offer additional information on a specific question.

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Review statistics as a facility or drill down to the user type or username.

Review what questions were asked and to whom.

Shows the result of the question asked to the user. 

Reset the history at anytime.

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Review all questions. Disable the question if you no longer wish to use it.

Review when the question was last asked.

Add additional content to a question. Edit with the edit pen.

Import new questions from excel.

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Simplify Your Work Flow, Improve Safety & Ensure Compliance

Safety Authority Approved

We realized from the beginning that a digital logbook is only as good as the regulatory approval that stands behind it. That’s why we ensured that our logbook was designed and constructed not only for efficiency but compliance. Safety Authorities have  approved our Electronic Logbook based on CSA Code B51 and B52. Visit our compliance section for more details.

Backups Done Right With AWS

Nothing keeps a logbook safer than Elements. Your data is important and backup is vital, that’s why we have automated this process. Every day your data is backed up and secured by Amazon Web Services (AWS).