Once an operator has completed an inspection they apply their signature. At that moment all field entries are locked and secure from tampering. If you are the chief engineer, you’ll be required to approve all entries for a given day. If you happen to have multiple days that require signing we have you covered. Take advantage of our batch sign feature and sign off on all unsigned entries with a single signature.

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Elements Software Inc - Digital Ammonia Logbook - Hotspot - eSignature

Signing the log inspection locks all fields and updates the operator logbook.

Get Unlimited Digital Logbooks Today! DESIGNED BY OPERATORS FOR OPERATORS

Simplify Your Work Flow, Improve Safety & Ensure Compliance

Flexible & Affordable Pricing

Self-Hosted: $899 One Time
When backups and an internet connection are not required.

  • Single Device
  • Unlimited Logbooks

Cloud: $149 Monthly or $1,299 Annually
When recordkeeping and reliable backups are top priority.

  • Unlimited Logbooks
  • Supports Multiple Devices*
  • Import Records
  • Remote Notifications
  • Progressive Backups (Every Hour)
  • Secure Daily Backups


* Includes two-device license.  Additional devices starting at $20/month billed annually.

Safety Authority Approved

We realized from the beginning that a digital logbook is only as good as the regulatory approval that stands behind it. That’s why we ensured that our logbook was designed and constructed not only for efficiency but compliance. Safety Authorities have  approved our Electronic Logbook based on CSA Code B51 and B52. Visit our compliance section for more details.

Backups Done Right With AWS

Nothing keeps a logbook safer than Elements. Your data is important and backup is vital, that’s why we have automated this process. Every day your data is backed up and secured by Amazon Web Services (AWS).